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I am selling this for another party and this for the complete set with local pick up only. The seller does not want to break up the set.
  • 60 gallon is the worst condition of the set. It has a hair line crack a has some pitting. Well used has a 6" wing and stamped 60 on it. This one has a redwing LID with a L on it.
  • 50 gallon has no lid, big wing, nice oval chips on bottom The chips go toward the inside and are not real  visible, good condition
  • 40 gal Big wing, 6 inch wing, good condition. This one has a redwing lid
  • 30 gal has handles and lid, 6 inch wing pretty crock, Very good condition, has nice glaze and color
  • 25 gallon had Lid and handles, very good condition and has nice wing and oval, 1 chip on the top
  • 20 gallon has handles, good condition, good lid, 6 inch wing and good oval, Has a little smudge on wing that looks factory done, some blow outs and discoloration on the rim
  • 15 gallon has 6 inch wing, extra large oval, no handles, chip on bottom, very pretty crock
  • 12 gallon has handles and  lid 6 inch at wing, real nice crock
  • 10 gallon has 4 inch wing, good condition, handles Some pitting, wing is not as good factory defect
  • 8 gallon has lid and handles 6" wing and oval good condition
  • 6 gallon has 4 inch wing, handles and oval, chip on bottom on the side, Some pitting (all over not deep)
  • 5 gallon has an oval, 6 inch wing, no handles 2 tight hairlines cracks and a chip
  • 4 gallon 4 inch wing handles Large oval, some pitting not as pretty as glaze as some: No Cracks No Chips
  • 3 gallon 4 inch wing, faded oval  this has No handles, good condition
  • 2 gallon has 4 inch wing, oval between wing and the number 2
  • 1 gallon with lid, 4 inch wing, good condition like in the redwing book, has nice wing but a chip ,about like the end of your thumb nail and its in front between the 2 tie rings.

Special additional notes on lids

  • 10 gallon lid has chip on side
  • 1 gallon lid is in good condition
  • 2 gallon is in good condition
  • 12 is double marked
  • 15 gallon has a chip on the inside


Priced at $11,200 




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